What am I looking at?

Blizzard periodically releases updates and changes for Heroes of the Storm as patch notes. I parse these patch notes for talents, abilities, and hero names, and link sections to relevant heroes. You can then select a hero and see the changes affecting them through patch history.

Does this have ALL the changes?

No, currently I only pull Hero, Design & Gameplay, Talents, and Bug Fix sections for heroes, and Design & Gameplay, Battlegrounds and Bug Fix sections for Battlegrounds from patch notes. The idea is to show changes that will have the biggest impact to gameplay.

I already read the patch notes, will this help me?

Probably not, this is aimed more at players who want to quickly see why a hero feels different. Let's say I haven't played Jaina in a while (which is sadly true), I can quickly go back through her most recent changes without digging through several long patch note files.

What if I want to see patch notes in their entirety?

If you're on a Hero's page, a link to the full patch notes is included in each heading on the right (it'll look like this: ). If you're not sure what patch you want, this Patch Summary page can help. And if you just want a giant list of links to patches, I will direct you to a great post by /u/Vekkul over at the Blizzard forums, The Patch History.

What's up with these random Undocumented labels?

Not everything makes its way into the patch notes. Some things just get missed and are later found by the community. Since past official patch notes are not always updated, I've started collecting undocumented changes and adding them to the affected Hero. Found an undocumented change yourself? Send me some details through Email, Reddit, or Twitter, and be sure include a link to somewhere you've talked about it (e.g. official forums, reddit, other gaming forums) so a source can be included.

I've found a problem, how can I get it fixed?

Excellent, send as much detail as possible through Email ([email protected]), Reddit (/u/AzizLighting), or Twitter (@heroespatches) and it'll get updated.

Where can I find scaling changes/increased structure damage/battleground changes?

For changes that refer less to specific heroes and more to maps or general gameplay, I've added Battlegrounds which also shows updates to the maps themselves. Check out these Battleground updates here. You can now also find these changes on the Patch Summary page.

Why don't I see all the Bug Fixes?

Again, the idea is to show changes that will have the biggest impact to gameplay. While I personally love the art, sound, and UI tweaks that consistently take place, it doesn't seem as crucial to mention fixes like "Lunar Jaina's legs will no longer separate from her body on endgame score screens" (besides it being really funny). If you have strong feelings about this, feel free to contact me with reasonable arguments.


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