Heroes 2.0 Open Beta Hotfix Notes — April 12, 2017

We just released a new Open Beta hotfix in which we’re continuing to fix bugs and make tuning changes for Heroes of the Storm 2.0.


Item Rarity Changes

  • Updated the following items from Rare to Epic:
    • Brown Dire Wolf Mount
    • Dire Wolf Mount
    • Horde Dire Wolf Mount
  • Updated the following items from Epic to Legendary:
    • Kael’thas Hero
    • Tracer Hero
    • Azure Nimbus Cloud Mount
    • Jade Nimbus Cloud Mount
    • Nimbus Cloud Mount
    • Abathur Announcer
    • Brightwing Announcer
    • Murky Announcer
  • Updated the following items from Epic to Rare:
    • Saddled Battle Beast Mount
    • Tan Saddled Battle Beast Mount
    • Teal Saddled Battle Beast Mount

Loot Chests

  • The gold cost to re-roll Epic Loot Chests has been increased to better capture the value of those chests.

Hero Levels

  • The amounts of XP required to reach Hero levels 2 and 3 have been reduced.

Bug Fixes

User Interface

  • Collection: Item counts will now update correctly when using the dropdown menus at the top of category pages in the Collection.
  • Emojis: Fixed an issue that could cause individual Emojis to appear unavailable in the picker despite having already unlocked that Emoji pack.
  • Emojis: The Emoji picker will no longer appear behind the Cancel Search button when queued for matchmaking.
  • Emojis: Expanding the Chat window will no longer cause the Emoji Picker to display a blank space near the bottom of the Emoji list.
  • Loadout: Announcers, Banners, Sprays, and Voice Lines set via Loadouts during Draft Mode will now be correctly equipped in-game.

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