Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Patch Notes – March 17, 2020

We've released a hotfix today with updates below.

Bug Fixes


  • Samuro
    • Fixed an issue where Phantom Pain talent could grant permanent bonus damage to Critical Strike Undocumented
  • Xul
    • Fixed an issue where Skeletons spawned from Spectral Scythe and Jailors talent could explode twice when they die Undocumented
    • Skeletons spawned from Spectral Scythe and Jailors no longer count towards the Raise Skeleton maximum Undocumented
  • Mal'Ganis
    • Fixed an issue where a stack of Winged Guard was not removed after taking Basic Attack damage from an enemy Hero Undocumented
  • Azmodan
    • Fixed an issue where Globe of Annihilation would travel slower when using the Azmodunk skins Undocumented

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A big thank you to u/Spazzo965 for providing details to this hotfix patch!