Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Patch Notes – May 11, 2022

The Heroes team has released a quick update to address a few long-standing issues that have been present in the game.

We want to thank our passionate community for bringing awareness to these issues. See you in the Nexus!

-The Heroes of the Storm Team

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a few tooltip descriptions in Italian language.


  • Hanzo's Scatter Shot now ricochets as intended from all sides in Alterac Pass.
  • Hogger and Maraudin' Muradin's voice over now properly play when locked in for Quick Match.
  • Sylvanas' Wailing Arrow with Deafening Blast is now effective as the graphical indicator radius shows.
  • Sylvanas' Overwhelming Affliction is now properly applied to a secondary target getting 3 stacks from the Withering Fire applying stacks from Remorseless.


  • Update the description for the 6 Year Anniversary Spray.
  • The 6.5 Year Banner is now properly awarded along with other 6 Year Anniversary rewards.
  • The Battle Ready Li-Ming Spray is now properly functioning in game when equipped in a hero's loadout.
  • Desert Adept Shaman Rehgar Skin now properly shows in game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Classic 2021 Emoji pack is not showing properly.

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