Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Patch Notes – September 23, 2023

We've released a hotfix today with updates below.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a typo in the Battlegrounds list for Storm League. Undocumented


  • Alexstrasza
    • Fixed an issue that caused Dragon Scales to be temporarily disabled after activation when Rooted, Stunned or Silenced. Undocumented
  • Brightwing
    • Fixed an issue that caused Brightwing to be able to cast Phase Shift on allied Hero in Stasis. Undocumented
  • Johanna
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Heaven's Fury from healing Invulnerable allied Heroes. Undocumented
  • Tychus
    • Fixed an issue that caused Armor Piercing Rounds to display in the Status Bar. Undocumented

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A big thank you to @Elitesparkle for providing details to this hotfix patch!